Electronic Check Truncation Virtually eliminates check handling by converting the paper check into an electronic transaction, right at the point of sale!

Responding to the needs of retail merchants for reduced cost and risk associated with check acceptance, Merchant Card Services by now offers Electronic Check Conversion, a technology allowing our merchants the ability to convert paper checks at the point-of-sale to an electronic payment and realize a significant savings over traditional paper check processing.

The process is simple: just scan the check using our check reader connected to your credit card terminal capturing the data from the MICR line at the bottom of the check and the paper check is converted to an electronic item! The funds are automatically deducted from your customers checking account and deposited into your business account. The benefits are lower costs, greater efficiency, and eliminates the need for physical bank deposits of checks!

Benefits of Electronic Check Conversion:


  • Eliminates the threat of lost or stolen checks during deposit preparation.
  • Minimize check losses with "repeat offender" check.
  • Captures funds electronically from your customer's checking account.
  • Guaranteed Deposits into your bank Account when a check is approved!
  • No need to worry about NSF, closed Accounts, etc!


  • Check is converted into an electronic transaction in 8 to 10 seconds.
  • Eliminates check deposit preparation - saves you time!
  • No need to go to the bank to make check deposits.


  • Works in conjunction with your credit card terminal.
  • Just feed the check through the check reader.


  • Processing a check electronically reduces your costs per check significantly
  • Reduced bank fees - no more daily check deposits!
  • All this for just 35 cents per check; $10 monthly fee. Check Guarantee option starts as low as 1.35%
  • Can be used for Electronic Conversion Only, without the guarantee.

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ECheck (for Internet Checks):

An exclusive, fully integrated electronic check payment method, eCheck allows our merchants to accept and process payments from consumer and corporate bank accounts directly from their Web site or through the weblink Virtual Terminal. By accepting electronic checks, you expand the payment options available to new and existing customers, enhancing customer loyalty and potentially increasing sales.

  • Lower Fees - Lower rates than credit cards or PayPal. Rates start at only 0.50% and transaction fees as low as 25 cents.
  • More Efficient - eCheck does everything online, eliminating the cost and inconvenience of manually processing paper checks and waiting for checks in the mail.
  • Fully Integrated Solution - No third-party integration required—implementing eCheck is easy for merchants already using our Weblink Payment Gateway.
  • Integrated Reporting - Provides a combined view of all eCheck and credit card payment transactions. Reconcile payment and billing activity using online reports and statements.
  • Ship Product Sooner - Improved up-front transaction validation that returns the status of transactions faster.
  • Security - Uses the latest 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology for secure Internet Protocol (IP) transactions.

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Check Authorization Only option The best LOW COST authorization system in the country. Provides you the ability to process the check electronically without having to pay a discount rate. Any returned check will be forwarded to our collections department and you will receive 100% of the check amount upon collection of funds from the bad check writer if you send the check to our collections department within 30 days. Since the bad check writer will be put on the "black" list until he pays, he has a good reason to pay.

Benefits of Authorization

  • Very quick and easy when used with a check reader
  • No discount fee charged to Merchant (just a low transaction fee per check!)
  • Decrease bad checks
  • Any returned checks are automatically resubmitted electronically 2 additional times
  • Eliminate NSF and deposit fees from local bank
  • Eliminate the sorting and depositing of paper checks
  • Detailed online reporting available

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New! Accept Checks by Phone, Fax, or Internet! iChecks pro solution allows merchants to debit their customer's checking accounts for products and services without ever having an actual physical check! The debit can be initiated by Web Based entry or File based (FTP, internet, or email) batch processing. Moreover, merchants can set up a recurring debit program to debit a customers checking account by specifying the timing and frequency! This feature is perfect for a variety of merchants including, health clubs, tanning salons, magazine subscriptions, day cares, internet service providers, insurance companies, and installment payments. Customer authorization can be by written authorization, check by fax, or recorded verbal authorization.

  • No physical check required!
  • No Equipment to Buy or Lease.
  • Works with your Computer and web browser.
  • No percentage to pay. Only a flat low per transaction fee!
  • NSF checks reported within 2-4 days online (instead of waiting 1 - 2 weeks!)
  • Can electronically resubmit NSF transactions 2 additional times.
  • Banking fees and paper check handling costs are eliminated.
  • Detailed 24 X 7 online reporting of all activity

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So, get started today and start accepting checks. Just complete our no obligation Merchant Application Worksheet for more details.