ATM (Debit) Card Acceptance -
a Great Way to Build your Business and Increase Income

Stand Alone ATM Machines Now Available

Today's marketplace is changing. From the goods and services offered, to the way we pay for them. Cash is giving way to plastic - and not just credit cards. Today, ATM (debit) cards are the way to pay!

When you provide ATM (debit) card acceptance through Merchant Card Services by Universal, you benefit from:

  • Offering your customers another form of payment
  • Greater Sales. (Studies show that the use of plastics generates larger purchases and More Impulse Buying)
  • Reduced Risk since ATM (debit) purchases usually replace check purchases lowering bad-check losses.
  • Greater savings. (lower costs to process debit over checks or credit cards, why pay a percentage on each credit card sale when you don't have to!).
  • Providing your customers with Cash Back so they spend more in your store. (Makes your store an ATM machine, increasing foot traffic and thus sales!)
  • Providing you with an audit trail and reduces cash requirements.
  • Reduction on cash and check losses due to theft and loss.
  • The ability to process virtually any regional or national ATM (debit) card.

Don't get confused by thinking you are already set up to accept true online Debit/ ATM cards with your current system if you do not use a pin pad for your customer to enter his secret code. Accepting a debit card and running it through your terminal just like a credit card is known as an "off-line" debit card or "check card" and is treated just like a credit card, AND you still incur the full costs of credit card processing - the complete discount rate you are paying know. Let Merchant Card Services help you lower your costs with TRUE debit/ ATM acceptance.

Just complete our no obligation Merchant Application Worksheet and we will respond within minutes with all the details for you to get started right away. Accept credit cards merchant services card systems card services usb merchant services universal savings bank accept visa mastercard american express checks online e-commerce ecommerce commerce web site development design shopping cart software payment processing real time authorization gateway secure payment merchant account and merchant accounts cybercash hosting virtual storefront automatic credit card processing free atm pin pads verifone tranz 460 tranz 330 printer hypercomm t7p credit card processing equipment for discover debit cards checks visa mastercard merchant accounts and american express accept for less design and hosting services software for credit card processing and equipment to verify checks and visa and credit cards by a real bank for direct deposits into your account.