As a retail (storefront) operation, you need a fast, easy to use terminal. Our Ingenico iCT220 system provides you with everything you need in a retail operation. We can configure it for your own type of business, including a restaurant application that allows you to add a tip amount, or a rental or bar operation that allows for authorization only when the exact total is unknown. Please feel free to contact us if you have any special requirements. We will always have a solution for you.

Ingenico iCT 220

Ingenico iCT220

  • Compact, Integrated system
  • Built-In fast thermal printer; no ribbon required!
  • Smart Card Reader to accept all cards!
  • Internal Pin Pad for Debit/ATM Acceptance
  • Dual Track reader to personalize receipt with your customer's name!
  • Dual Communcations: Ethernet or Dial up!

One of the most reliable and best system on the market for retail operations. Get the Ingenico iCT220 and start enjoying the benefits today.

To get this system in your store, simply complete our no obligation Merchant Application Worksheet for all the details.

Wireless options. The latest in convenience and portability for Mobile merchants. Great for trade shows, flea markets or any location where power and/ or phone lines are not available.

Ingenico - wireless All in One Payment Device!
iWL 255

Handheld Wireless POS/EDC Terminal & Printer
  • Fast thermal printer
  • Internal wireless 3G Technology.
  • Long Lasting rechargeable and user-replaceable Lithium Ion battery
  • Accept vitually all cards, including EMV, chip, and PIN based!
  • Contactless payments!
  • TCP/ IP protocol support

To receive this state-of-the art wirless system, please complete our no obligation worksheet

Groovv Terminals

Groovv Tablet Groovv Tablet

Sleek Tablet with screen based register for integrated payments.

  • Easily connect thru dial up or ethernet
  • Easily collect customers information for marketing
  • Manage and grow your business with inventory, customer and sales reports.
  • Customize departments and inventory
  • Create custom offers for your customers
  • Customize professional Templates
  • Send offers by email, text, facebook, twitter, and posted on your website!

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Groovv Register

Groovv Store Front

Groovv Register is a powerfully simple point of sale solution built to help you run your retail store or restaurant like never before. Groovv replaces old-fashioned cash registers and card readers and makes it easy to make sales and turn tables more quickly. Now, you can see the key information that can help you manage your business more successfully, deliver great service and grow your customers’ loyalty..

  • Includes everything in Groovv tablet
  • Includes Cash drawer and printer
  • Works with barcode scanners
  • Table tracking for restaurants
  • Server login
  • Split tickets, pre-authorizations and tipping for restaurant applications.
  • Kitchen printer options

To get the groovv Register, please complete our no obligation worksheet