The online system for Phone/ Mail order merchants or Web merchants that need to do a manual transaction.

This is a sample screen shot. It is not functional. It is only shown here an example. In the live system, you would receive an authorization result.

The Virtual Terminal allows you to do many different kinds of transactions, including credits/returns (for refunding money to a customer's credit card), authorization only, post auth/ticket only, and of course a normal authorization for funds capture. You don't need to have a web site to use Virtual Terminal. Simply login to the system and choose Virtual Terminal on the Merchant Menu.

-----------> NEW. Wireless Access! You can now Access your Virtual Terminal from your mobile phone or device, for the ultimate in wireless needs; perfect for trade shows, flea markets, or anytime you need remote access to your payment processing system!

Part of our WebLink Product.

Virtual Terminal
Example Only - non-functional
Order Information

Invoice # (Numbers only)
Amount (Include decimal point and 2 digits for cents)
Payment Method
Transaction Type  Normal Transaction
 Authorization Only
 Credit/Return - (Used for refunds)
 Post Auth/Ticket Only - (Auth Code required below)
Credit Card Information
Card Number  (No spaces or hyphens)
Exp. Date  (mmyy or mm/yy)
Auth. Code (For Post Auth/Ticket Only transactions ONLY)
Checking Account Information
(if payment method is by Checking Account)

Bank Name (USA Banks only)
Account Number  (All numeric - no spaces)
ABA Routing Code  (9 digit number between the colons (:) on a check)
Customer Information
Customer ID
Example Only. Non-functional

What actually happens when a transaction is submitted from Virtual Terminal

When a transaction is submitted from Virtual Terminal, this is what happens:

1. The transaction fields are verified and checked for errors.

2. The transaction is immediately transmitted to the processing network for authorization. (For credit card transactions only)

3. A response from the processing network is received and the transaction is stored in the merchant's current batch awaiting settlement. (For credit card transactions only)

4. The transaction receipt is E-mailed to both the customer and the merchant according to the merchant's configuration.

5. The transaction receipt is displayed on the screen for the merchant to print if they want.

Configuration Options for Virtual Terminal

You may find it cumbersome to have to fill in every field to do a transaction. You can configure the system to allow fields to be left blank, or just the opposite - to require that certain fields are not left blank.

You can also configure the system to send, or NOT send, the customer a transaction receipt by E-mail on your behalf. Please note that disabling the customer's E-mail receipt affects both Virtual Terminal transactions and WebLink transactions (those that take place from your web site). The E-mailed receipts to the merchant can be similarly configured.

Some configuration changes may only be made by Merchant Card Services or WebLink. For complete details on how to make configuration changes to the WebLink system, see the section entitled "Edit Configuration", provided during login.

It's easy to get your own virtual terminal for your phone/ mail order business or internet business, simply complete the simple Merchant Application.